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Our interpreting services

Alba Agency is a point of reference for interpreting services in Naples in 50 linguistic combinations. We provide targeted professional skills and services, carried out by highly qualified mother tongue interpreters with sectorial skills. As a CTU/ Court Appointed Consultant, we perform sworn interpreter services in public offices and in civil and criminal proceedings. We offer complete support to individuals and companies with different types of interpretation, with targeted and organized interventions depending on the event, the speakers and the number of participants.

Simultaneous interpreting

Simultaneous interpreting takes place simultaneously with the speaker's speech and requires specialist skills and maximum concentration. The interpreter, inside a soundproof booth, listens to the speaker through special headphones and performs in real-time the translation on first listening.

Negotiation interpreting 

The negotiation interpreting is the oral translation for small groups of people. It is the perfect solution in case of business meetings, contracts, visits and accompaniment of foreign group of representatives and for informal events. It is not a simultaneous translation, but the information of the interlocutors are told by the interpreter with the utmost precision, even in the absence of technical tools.

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Consecutive interpreting

The interpreter sits next to the speaker and, after each sentence, performs an oral translation of what has been heard. Consecutive interpreting therefore requires sectorial skills within a specific topic and is the ideal solution for meetings, seminars and business meetings

Chuchotage interpreting 

The chuchotage interpreting consists of a simultaneous translation done in a low voice for a single speaker or a small group of interlocutors. The interpreter whispers the meaning of the speech presented by the speaker without the latter stopping his communication.