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Procedures For Foreigners

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Bureaucratic and fiscal assistance

Alba  Translation & Interpreting Services Agency supports foreign citizens and immigrants in Naples, in the fulfillment of bureaucratic practices. We work on direct request of private citizens and on behalf of authorities, organizations and associations that deal with the reception and integration of foreign citizens.
Our agency deals with the bureaucratic procedures necessary to issue documents such as residence permit, visa and passport. The objective of the service offered is to orientate and support foreign citizens in carrying out the administrative formalities requested by the Italian State.  Alba Agency has a proven experience in the field of cultural intermediation and a deep knowledge of the Italian regulatory system.
We also take care of family reunion and offer a reliable professional advice service for tax, CUD, F24 and IRPEF payments.
Alba Translation & Interpreting Services Agency also performs the sworn translation of documents, deeds, certificates, criminal records and educational qualifications, in order to provide the best support to foreign citizens by encouraging their social integration.

Ci occupiamo anche di ricongiungimenti familiari e offriamo un affidabile servizio di consulenza professionale per pratiche fiscali, CUD, F24 e pagamenti Irpef.  Lo Studio di Traduzioni & Interpretariato Alba effettua anche la traduzione giurata di documenti, atti, certificati, casellario giudiziario e titoli di studio, allo scopo di fornire un impeccabile supporto ai cittadini stranieri favorendone l’integrazione sociale. 

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