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For any information regarding prices and quotes, ask for Dr. Giancarlo Hare - 081 400930

Email: giancarlolepre@gmail.com


349 1828952 - 081 400930


Vico Giardinetto a Toledo 20, 80134 - Napoli


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Certified translators and interpreters

Alba Translation & Interpreting Services Agency is specialized in sworn translations of documents, certificates and texts, whose legal importance requires the translator to sign an oath minutes in order to guarantee the work. Alba Agency collaborates with sworn translators and interpreters of the Court of Naples. Dr. Giancarlo Lepre, owner of the Alba Agency, is a member of the Register of Certified Translators and Interpreters and of the Technical Consultants of the Court and of the Naples Public Prosecutor. Furthermore, our office is authorized to operate in the field of judicial expertise in civil and criminal proceedings and in extrajudicial consultancy for the translation of contracts and legal documents.

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